The KLBMP enjoys a large laboratory space of 5800 square meters and its state of the art facilities should provide a wide range of services to meet the needs of the scientific community at Jiangsu Normal University.

·Shared Core Platform with essential pieces of equipment that satisfy the needs for life science research. The platform maintain the equipment and provide state of the arts service campus wide to the Jiangsu Normal University research community.

·The Center for Medicinal Plants and Microbial Resources maintains a collection of germplasms of medicinal plants and >10000 microbial strains.

·The Laboratory for Plant Cellular Engineering is a genetic transformation platform to generate plant stem cell cultures, tissue cultures and transgenic plants.

·The Laboratory for Cell Culture maintains various human as well as animal cell lines

·Green house and climate chamber provides space for small to medium scale of bioassays and plant genetics research

·Field experimental station provides field for large scale biological trials