Introduction to the KLBMP

The Key Laboratory of Biotechnology for Medicinal Plants of Jiangsu Province was founded in 2005 sponsored by the Department of Education of Jiangsu province. Developed from an initiative for bioresource and biotechnology in 1998, the KLBMP has expanded dramatically in the last two decade in its research program. Now it has transformed into a major interdisciplinary research and development center at Jiangsu Normal University specialized in research of medicinal plants in Jiangsu province. The KLBMP maintains a strong commitment to basic and applied research in plant biotechnology, environment-friendly biological pesticides, natural medicines, and health sciences and also facilitates training students and mentoring young scientists focusing on their career development. The KLBMP’s mission is to provide national and international leadership to the community of medicinal plants and life science, promoting translational sciences, biotechnology advances, and development of health products.