NoPatent titleInventorApplication   numberDate of   applicationNumber for   publicationDate of   publicationNumber of   authorizationDate of   authorization
1Squalene synthase gene and the encoded proteins from   Pinelliaternata and applications.Xiaoying   Cao201410566830.02014-10-23CN201410566830.02015-04-02ZL   201410566830.02017-04-26
23-hydroxy-3-methylpentyl coenzyme A reductase gene from Inonotus obliquus and applicationsXiaoying   Cao201110205975.42011-07-17CN102304530A2012-01-04CN   102304530 B2013-09-04
3A   recombinant Pichia pastoris   expressing a recombinant lipase and its applicationJinjin   Huang201710402904.02017-06-01

4A   recombinant Pichia pastoris   which highly expresses Rhizomucor miehei lipase and its applicationJinjin   Huang201710402790.X2017-06-01

5A   comprehensive formula of biopesticide containing metaldehyde and theasaponinJihong   Jiang201710556502.62017-07-10

6A   high efficient method and Agrobacterrium-mediated transformation system to   generate transgenic plants of Euphorbia pekinensisJihong   Jiang20161108832932016-11-30

7A   method to manufacture a microbial fungicide reagent based on a ginkgo   endophytic Bacillus amyloliquefaciens.Jihong   Jiang201210057767.92012-03-07

8A   method to prepare methyl-actinomycin D, a new actinomycin D homologJihong   Jiang201110289534.72011-09-19201110289534.72011-09-19201110289534.72014-01-29
9Application   of squalene synthase gene and the encoded protein from Inonotus   obliquus.Jihong   JiangZL201110188785.62011-07-02ZL201110188785.62013-09-04CN102399798B2013-09-04
10Preparation   and application of an extracellular polysaccharide from a fungusQiuyun   Ju201810466280.32018-05-16

11Compound   against Ceratocystis fimbriata   Ellis et Halsted. and its preparation method and applicationQiuyun   Ju201810466272.92018-05-16

12Preparation   method of active natto powderQiuyun   Ju201610832058.12016-09-19

13A   method for separating sulfur compounds from garlic by counter current   chromatographyQiuyun   Ju201510659282.02015-10-14

14A   method for isolation and culture of garlic bulb meristem cellsQiuyun   Ju201510648966.02015-10-09CN105165619A2015-12-23ZL201510648966.02017-07-14
15One   step purification of garlic polysaccharide by counter current chromatographyQiuyun   Ju201410728613.72014-12-05CN104387493B2016-04-27ZL201410728613.72016-04-27
16A   kind of Chinese medicine Sachet for constitution of yang asthenia population   to prevent the flu.Mengqiu   Li201711293917.52017-12-08

17A   kind of Chinese medicine Sachet for constitution of blood stasis population   to prevent the fluMengqiu   Li201711293918.X2017-12-08

18A   kind of Chinese medicine Sachet for constitution of phlegm-dampness   population to prevent the fluMengqiu   Li201711295803.42017-12-08

19A   kind of Chinese medicine Sachet for constitution of yin-yang harmony   population to prevent the fluMengqiu   Li201711294765.02017-12-08

20A   Micromonosporasp. Actinomycete   strain and its applicationSheng   Qin20171041618772017-06-05CN   107164266 A2017-09-15

21Halotolerant   endophytic bacterium Bacillus flexusand its applicationSheng   Qin20171041636752017-06-05CN   107099477 A2017-08-29

22An   antifungal-VOCS   producing Streptomyces   sp. and its applicationSheng   Qin201810894575

234.   A Streptomyces sp. strain, its bactericide and the application in plant   growth promotionSheng   Qin201810834193

24A   yeast strain for degradation of phenol compounds and its applicationSheng   Qin201810894428

25Culture   Medium Formula and Method for Promoting generation of Inonotus   obliquus fruiting bodiesYong   Sun201611101902.X2016-12-05

26The   synthesis and applications of co-sensitized dye in solar battery based on   indole- triphenylamine-arylmethylenemalononitrileYu   WanZL201510460148.82015-07-30CN105038294A2015-11-11ZL201510460148.82017-10-03
27A   method for the synthesis of2,8-diaryl(amino)-Tröger's Base derivativesYu   WanZL201510251229.72015-05-15ZL201510251229.72017-11-03ZL201510251229.72017-11-03
28A   new arylmethylenemalononitrile-Tröger’s Base solid state luminescent   materialsYu   WanZL201510179143.82015-04-15ZL201510179143.82017-08-24ZL201510179143.82017-08-24
29Synthesis   and applications of   b-1-imidazole-2,3,4,6-tetrasulfonyl-D-glucopyraniumbisulfideYu   WanZL201510103426.42015-03-09ZL201510103426.42017-07-07ZL201510103426.42017-07-07
30The   utilization of Bacillus siamensis in the protection of white rot diseaseJunjuan   Wang201810744695.22018-07-09

31The   synthesis and applications of phenothiazine-triarylpyridine organic compound   with yellow green luminescenceHui   Wu20161109330422016-12-29

32The   synthesis and applications of carbazole-containing triarylpyridine   derivativesHui   Wu201611074704.92016-11-26

33The   synthesis and applications of nano-Tröger's Base derivativesHui   Wu20161110126032016-10-19

34A   method for the synthesis of new Tröger's Base derivatives with anti-cancer   activity on human hepatoma cell HepGHui   Wu201510272697.22015-09-22

35The   synthesis and applications of new organic small molecule red light materials   based on cyano- triphenylamineHui   Wu201510460212.22015-08-07

36Synthesis   and applications of a new Double Mannich BasesHui   Wu201510210507.42015-04-28CN104876835A2015-09-02ZL201510210507.42017-05-10
37Synthesis   and applications of b-1-imidazole-2,3,4,6-tetrahydroxyl-D-glucopyranium   bromideHui   Wu201510103297.92015-04-21

38A   method for the synthesis of chiral Tröger's Base DerivativesHui   Wu201410834317.52015-01-02

39The   synthesis and applications of new organic small molecule blue-green light   materials based onaryl-triarylpyridineHui   Wu201810442962.02018.5.10

40The   synthesis and applications of unsymmetric benzoic acid thioanhydride   derivativesHui   Wu201810443448.92018.5.10

41The   synthesis and applications of amide-Tröger's Base derivativesHui   Wu2018106801482.22018.6.27

42The   synthesis and applications of naphthquinonopyranderivativesHui   Wu201810680134.02018.6.27

43The   synthesis and applications of polysubstitute dpyridineHui   Wu201810679414.X2018.6.27

44The   synthesis and applications of Schiff base derived from amino-Tröger's Base   and 1,1'-Binaphthyl-2,2'-Diol-Tröger's BaseHui   Wu201810678738.12018.6.27

45The   synthesis and applications of thiimidazolidone derivativeHui   Wu201810679395.02018.6.27

46Molluscicideof  Biological Pesticide and its   Preparation MethodXuqin   Yang201710556455.52017-07-10

47The   InDel Molecular Marker of Screening Rapidly the Hard /Soft Thorn Fruit in   Cucumber,ApplicationXuqin   Yang201710303985.92017-05-03

48The   Dominant Molecular Markers of Screening Rapidly with/without Tumor Fruit were   in CucumberXuqin   Yang201710303936.52017-05-03

49Insecticidal   engineered strain converted from furocoumarin gene and its applicationYanxia   Zhao201710795725.22017-08-30

50Method   for high-yielding ergosterol by fermenting Neurospora crassa in strawYanxia   Zhao201710498589.62017-06-27

51Anendophytic   fungal strain as well as the extraction method of its metabolite and the   applicationShengliang   Zhou201610243421.62016-04-18

52A   series of fluorinated carbazoles as well as the preparation method and the   applicationShengliang   Zhou201510788567.42015-11-07

53An   endophytic fungal strain the applicationShengliang   Zhou201810203814.3


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