Dr. Weifa Zheng’s group published their recent research


Dr.Weifa Zheng and Dr. Yanxia Zhao in the KLBMP published their recent researchtitled Productionof a fungal furocoumarin by a polyketidesynthase gene cluster confers thechemo-resistance of Neurospora crassa to the predation byfungivorous arthropods in Environmental Microbiology, a high impact journal in environmentalsciences (impact factor  5.3). Thediscovery highlighted that fungus evolved an unusualstrategy to deal with the unfavorable conditions. Using the fungal modelsystem Neurosporacrassa, the research team revealed that the filamentousfungi could avoid fungivorousinsects and adapt adverse environments by accelerating the formation of fruiting bodies and productionof the polyketide compound.